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Rosa Maria Baños

Clinical Psychology

Prof. Dr. Rosa María Baños, Ph.D. Full Professor of Psychopathology Dpto. Personalidad, Evaluación y Tratamientos Psicológicos Facultad de Psicología. Universitat de València.

Blending psychology and technology: A road to understand and promote wellbeing

Keynote Abstract.

The development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has been impressive in the last decades.
Their use has spread to all fields, changing the way in which we interact with the context and relate to other people. Albeit their potential dangers and limitations, for which we must be prepared and forewarned, the use of ICTs is impacting significantly on both society and individuals, improving the quality of life and wellbeing of people. Psychology is one of the areas where ICTs can have a relevant influence.

The Internet, mobile phones and devices, sensors, virtual and augmented reality, etc… they are very useful tools that can help us in many of the tasks and objectives entrusted to Psychology. ICTs can provide us dynamic data of the behaviors in the context, collected in an ecological, unbiased, and non-intrusive way, allowing us to develop more comprehensive and complex theories on human behaviors and experiences. But they also allow us to design and deliver precise and personalized interventions, which are delivered in the specific contexts, monitoring and promoting significant changes leading to healthy and adaptive behaviors. Tools such as virtual reality and augmented reality provide “tailored” world simulations, which can be inhabited by virtual agents and avatars, and that can constitute ecological labs for researching complex behaviors in safe and controlled situations. But they can also be useful as training contexts to promote significant and endurable changes.

This keynote will provide a view on what ICTs are offering and can offer in the next future to Psychology, focused mainly in the wellbeing field.

Short Bio

ROSA MARIA BAÑOS RIVERA is Full Professor of Psychopathology at University of Valencia, the Director of the Master in “Multidisciplinary Intervention in Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, and Emotional Disorders” at University of Valencia, and the leader of the Spanish excellence network PROMOSAM (Research on psychological processes, mechanisms, and treatments for the promotion of mental health).

She has been Senior Lecturer at Universitat Jaume I, and the scientific manager of “Psychology” for the Spanish R+D+I Department (2010-2104).
Dr. Baños has participated in various European and Spanish research projects and currently she is participating in a CIBER action in Spain (Centros de Investigación Biomédica en Red – Centres for Network Biomedical Research) in the area of Biomedicine and Health Sciences.

Her research activity has focused in the study of psychopathology and the treatment of various psychological disorders. In the last decades, Dr. Baños has been working on ICT applications in Clinical Psychology for the understanding and treatment of mental disorders and the promotion of wellbeing.


Clinical Psychology