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Mark G. Borg

Educational Psychology

Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Malta.

Mark G. Borg is full professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Malta.

He was formerly Head of the Department of Psychology and Dean of the Faculty of Education. An educator and academic psychologist by profession, he has been teaching and researching educational psychology for over 30 years. His work in psychology and education in Maltese settings has helped to establish a corpus of Maltese research in these areas.

He has published widely on several topics including occupational stress, age position and gender differences in scholastic achievement, teachers’ perception of classroom problem behavior, and school bullying. He has also edited and co-edited the proceedings of two international conferences held in Malta.

He has served as editorial consultant for several mainstream peer-reviewed journals including Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Psychology, Educational Psychology, European Psychologist and the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies.


Educational Psychology