Call for Member Associations to participate in the ECP 2017

At the President’s Meeting in Istanbul all Members Associations (MA) received an update on the ECP 2017. As organizing MA’s, both NIP and BFP, expressed their firm belief that the ECP is a congress, which belongs to EFPA and its MA’s.

Since the ECP is an EFPA congress, it should contribute to the different EFPA goals. One of them is supporting Member Associations and it is for this the executive committee of the ECP 2017 is contacting you know to give you further input.

The ECP 2017 will try to support member associations in the following way:

  • we will offer special discounts for your members to attend the whole of the ECP 2017 (75 € early bird / 100 € late).
  • we will use the pre – conference track to address topics that concern different Member Associations and try to support them in bringing together expertise on that topic within the EFPA network.

E.g. A MA might struggle with a topic such as the organising and financing of psychological care in its country. We could then organise a symposium around the topic of organising and financing of psychological care inviting several experts to share their expertise in this matter

What do we need from the MA’s in this stage?

  • we need one contact person per MA to act as liaison between the executive committee of the ECP 2017 and the MA in setting up the member discount and communication dissemination
  • we need suggestions for topics in the preconference track. What are your needs as an MA of EFPA? On which topics do you need support?

Please send contact data as your suggestions for the preconference track to

See you in Amsterdam! For further information please see our presentation from the Presidents Meeting in Istanbul.

On behalf of the executive committee ECP 2017


Dr. Elly Plooij- van Gorsel