We are extremely pleased to welcome you to the website of the 15th European Congress of Psychology. This 15th ECP will be a joint effort between the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP) and the Belgian Federation of Psychologists (BFP).The congress is held in Amsterdam, the fascinating and inspiring capitol of the United Kingdom of The Netherlands, and we will offer plenty opportunities for scientific and social interaction in the modern surrounding of the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre.

Special edition De Psycholoog

In order for our European colleagues to get to know us, we proudly present to you this unique and special edition of the professional magazine De Psycholoog (‘The Psychologist’). Normally this magazine is in Dutch and offers the members of NIP monthly an overview of scientific news and articles, interviews, essays, features and inspiration. To present the excellent scientific community and the well organised practitioners in Belgium and The Netherlands, we have made this special edition to offer you a tempting preview. This special edition aims to show the broad field of Psychology being studied and practised in our small countries. In contributions from Belgian and Dutch scientists you will get some insight in the research being conducted in our regions and we aim to make you curious to learn more. A barber on the cover? YES! Psychology is a major scientific field of study, but it is also something from everyday life. We all experience the power of communication and expressing our thoughts and the whether or not desired psychological advices, we all ‘do psychology’.

Save the date

We hope to welcome you in Amsterdam for the 15th European Congress of Psychology from 11 – 14 July 2017. The first edition was held in 1989 and since then a lot has changed! We therefore encourage you not only to visit the EFPA-congress and the EFPA General Assembly, but also to enjoy the charming and lively city and it’s cultural, culinary and many other kinds of charms and your summer in Amsterdam.